MLOps for the Low Power Edge

Aptos automatically generates optimal ML models that are targeted to the chips you select.

It starts with the ML problem definition you provide, such as the objectives, training and validation data, and success metrics.

Aptos brings an understanding of the embedded system domain, including the selected chip’s software and silicon AI capabilities and limitations. It applies that knowledge in the auto generation of the edge ML models. The final models are also automatically characterized against the actual development kits, so you can be assured of accuracy.

This flow makes it easy to retarget your task to different semiconductor chips. This means you can explore which one is ideal for your application, or simply update to the latest low power design from your preferred supplier.

Say goodbye to manual model customization efforts that tie you to specific silicon chips, require many iterations to get it working, yield less-than-ideal results, and place high demands of your most valuable experts on the team.

Instead say hello to efficient, accurate, silicon-independent development flows with the Aptos edge MLOps tool chain.