people counter sensor

Human Awareness for Every Space

Our Talia sensor is a battery powered vision sensor that counts and monitors people at the entrance of spaces. By adding human detection in your building you can apply human presence analytics, and optimize your space to best serve its occupants.

Talia can also make your facility safer and healthier by monitoring compliance, wellness and safety.

It is suitable for all settings that have entrances: Meeting room, conference rooms, break rooms, enclosed offices, building entrance/exit, cafeteria, corridors, transportation, classrooms or even buses and trains.

People awareness can have a direct positive impact to your operations:

  • Building: space utilization
  • Retail: Traffic flow counter, register
  • Industry: Utilization, Safety, compliance


Detects people entering and leaving a space and maintain people counts for all spaces
Accurate people count (>96%)

people counters
  • Battery powered – low installation cost, low infrastructure cost
  • 3 year battery life under realistic enterprise conditions
  • Standard wireless connection (Bluetooth Low Energy) – easy to integrate with existing networks and gateways
  • Secure and private
  • Over-door mounting for all standard commercial door sizes

people counter sensor

Easy installation: 5 Minute Commissioning – No cables required

Talia is simple to install, just stick it at the top of the door. No network or power cables required.

Connect to your network through your Bluetooth gateway. Provisioning and connection to any analytics software is done in minutes. Commissioning includes a less than 1 minute test which validates correct installation and function of the Sensor. No calibration required.

GDPR and CPRA Ready

There are no images stored, no images transferred. This allows the client to be GDPR compliant. People Aware Sensor will simply send the answer to the question.

Inform 10 people entered in the last 2 mins
Alert, the room is empty.