Bringing Intelligence to Edge Devices

A New Era in Edge Computing with 1000X More Energy Efficient Neural Networks

We Support a Diverse Set of End Markets in energy-starved applications for both consumer and industry. The company’s patented products increase an application’s functionality while remaining within its fixed battery capacity. We do this by processing data at the source thereby limiting power-hungry RF transmissions resulting in longer system life and significantly more features, all at lower costs.

Eta Compute’s Neural Sensor Platform brings Artificial Intelligence to edge devices and transforms sensor data into actionable information for voice, activity, gesture, sound, image, temperature, pressure and bio-metrics, among others. The platform delivers the trifecta in edge computing: lower response time, increased security, and higher accuracy.

Major Applications Leveraging Eta Compute’s Technology

What is Continuous Voltage & Frequency Scaling?

Cifar10 Image Recognition System consumes <1mJ per inference

Always on command recognition consumes 300uA

Eta Compute’s ECM3532 cover as cool product by Ganssle Group

Like some other vendors, Eta Compute’s interest is putting a little machine learning capability at the “edge” – in a microcontroller right at the sensors. What makes them a bit different is their focus on doing this at extremely low power levels.