Turn Your ML Vision
Into Optimal Edge Products

Aptos MLOps for the Low Power Edge

Now in Beta!

SaaS No-code Toolchain Built for Embedded Inference

Aptos is a no-code MLOps tool chain that streamlines the full process cycle of model development, deployment and management for edge ML.

With Aptos, you gain access to a powerful suite of capabilities designed to generate the most efficient models for low power edge processors. Our platform combines the latest advancements in machine learning with proprietary optimization techniques that understand embedded constraints during model creation, empowering you to push the boundaries of what’s possible in edge AI.

These techniques reduce the model size, decrease inference time, and conserve precious energy, all while delivering high accuracy.

Your models will run efficiently on low power edge devices, delivering unmatched AI capabilities and unlocking new opportunities.

Aptos Closes the Gap Between AI and Embedded Systems Worlds

By eliminating the need to know the details of specific chips’ capabilities and constraints, Aptos enables ML developers to succeed in a constrained embedded systems environment.

It also makes it easy for embedded systems engineers to create and deploy optimal ML models using no-code tools.