Intelligent Vision Anywhere

In today’s landscape for enterprise IoT, the promise of AI is unfulfilled. The existing solutions are complex and expensive to deploy and do not address the numerous cases where power is limited.

At Eta Compute, by building the most energy-efficient, accurate, and easy-to-deploy edge vision sensors, we help enterprises monitor their resources and optimize health, safety, energy efficiency, and utilization, to make a more productive, sustainable, and safer world for everyone.

Experts in Energy-Efficient Intelligent Sensing

Eta Compute is fueled by a team of industry, machine learning and system experts, most with more than 20 years’ experience. More than 80% of Eta Compute’s engineering team holds a Master’s Degree or Ph.D.

  • Machine Learning Engineers
    • Who build our machine learning platform and develop optimized algorithms
  • IoT Architects
    • With experience in large scale IoT system implementation and deployment
  • Embedded Software Engineers
    • Extracting the most out of any hardware system
  • Product Engineers
    • With expertise in ultra-low-power design and industrial-grade quality
  • Customer Development and Support Team
    • Who find the most pressing problems to solve with edge AI solutions and solve them together with our customers and partners