Eta Compute’s TENSAI® Flow, the software suite in the TENSAI Platform, de-risks development, allows developers to quickly verify feasibility and proof of concept, and enables seamless design from concept to firmware, speeding the creation of machine learning applications in IoT and low power edge devices. It includes a neural network compiler, a Neural Network Zoo, and middleware comprising FreeRTOS, Hardware Abstraction Level (HAL) and frameworks for sensors, as well as IoT/cloud enablement.

TENSAI® Neural network compiler

The TENSAI Flow exclusive neural network compiler delivers the best optimization for neural networks running on Eta Compute’s and Synaptics’ SoC as well as the industry’s best power efficiency.

TENSAI neural network compiler addresses the two critical aspects of device-level optimization for edge devices: memory and efficiency.

Memory optimization

  • Operation pipelining, redundancy reduction
  • Dynamic allocation and de-allocation

Speed and efficiency optimization

  • Optimized kernels for Cortex-M and DSP accelerator
  • Multicore workload balancing

Supported Processors

Synaptics Katana Edge AI

Tensai Flow is part of the Katana Ultra-Low Power Edge AI Platform from Synaptics.


Eta Compute ECM3532

In addition, the Tensai platform supports our Eta Compute ECM3532 multicore processor. The patented CVFS substantially increases performance and efficiency for edge devices. The self-timed CVFS architecture allows to automatically and continuously adjusts internal clock rate and supply voltage to maximize energy efficiency for the given workload. The ECM3532 multicore NSP combines an MCU and a DSP, both with CVFS, to optimize execution for the best efficiency making it an ideal solution for IoT sensor nodes.