TENSAI® AI Vision Board

Accelerates prototyping of Machine Vision at the Edge

-Integrated, no need to put various boards together

-Small, ready to deploy and test

-Can work months on a CR2032 battery

-Fast development of Vision Algorithms and easy data acquisition with Edge Impulse TinyML development pipeline


  • 1.5 x1.5-inch board with sensors
    • ECM3532 NSP
    • 1 x Camera: Himax HM0360
    • 1 x ALS (Ti OPT3001)
    • 1 x Microphones (TDK ICS-41350)
    • 1 x Accel/Gyro (TDK ICM-42688-P)
  • Battery socket
  • Bluetooth on board from ABOV
  • Extension for other types of RF