Simple, Intelligent Vision Sensors

Eta Compute intelligent vision sensors offer a cost-effective solution to many questions from simple situation detection to complex security and risk assessment.

  • How many people entered the building?
  • Is the room empty?
  • What is the gauge level?
  • Is there inventory left?
  • Is anyone in the no-go zone?
  • What is the status of the machine?

Automate Anything

Eta compute vision sensors intelligent vision sensors cover a wide range of capabilities and the associated AI can be adapted to countless automated tasks. The cost savings make them a catalyst for many projects.

ai sensor
People Awareness

All businesses cater to people, yet very few have a clear understanding of what their customers, users, occupants, passengers do, how many they are and where they are.

People awareness is an essential function of the next stage of automation, and Eta Compute is leading the way with our battery-powered people-aware sensors, the Tally series.

Add People Awareness in your space with People Awareness Sensor

Asset Monitoring

Assets are everywhere, and locating them in time can have a significant impact on a business’s ability to deliver excellent service at a low cost. Asset tracking and inventory management solutions have existed for some time, but have been reserved to high-value items and big enterprises, due to their infrastructure cost.

Eta Compute vision sensors provide a low-cost, scalable solution for visual asset monitoring and inventory management.

Discuss your asset monitoring needs with our team here.

Machine Digitization

Many IoT projects fail to achieve a good ROI because the cost of retrofitting existing machines is too high. In some instances, this cost is magnified by the security measures required once a critical piece of infrastructure is connected to the network.

Eta Compute vision sensors are a natural solution. By digitizing displays and monitoring functions visually, they enable a quick and simple digitization while providing a secure air gap with the machine.

Discuss your machine digitization needs with our team here.

Simple and Robust

Our vision sensors are battery-powered, then:

  • No need to have power cables & network cables
  • It is quick to deploy, and installation takes minutes
  • It is scalable: deploy in a small area or the whole building
  • Three years battery life
  • Coverage in hard-to-reach areas
  • Robust design
  • Cheaper than security cameras

GDPR and CPRA Ready

Our intelligent vision sensors offer a simple option for detecting situations and making decisions. They analyze events and simply send status and answers in a text format. Because there are no images stored, no images transferred, it is GDPR and CPRA ready.


Intelligent Vision Sensors Benefits

Accurate Intelligence

Enhanced machine learning model from Eta Compute provides great accuracy under real-world conditions

Completely Self Contained

No network or power cables. AI interferencing is performed locally – no cloud compute or server required

Simple Installation

5 minute installation and commissioning – no cables required

Extended Battery Life

3 year battery life under realistic enterprise conditions

Low I.T. Costs

Save data charges from your network provider – the sensors only transmit low bandwidth text data, not images

Private & Secure

Local processing with only metadata shared on the network and state-of-the-art security make our sensors a secure and private solution.

Flexible & Simple

Each intelligent vision sensor can be configured to send one result for one function.No complexity, just simplicity!