Press Coverage

  • EE Times

    Endpoint AI in a Matter of Microwatts

    The ultra-low-power AI silicon startup Eta Compute has production silicon of its first product. The ECM3532 promises to enable AI and ML computation in IoT applications such as sensor nodes for a power budget of just microwatts.

  • WikiChip

    ECM3532 – Eta Compute

    ECM3532 is an extreme-low-power microcontroller designed by Eta Compute and introduced in 2020

  • EE Journal

    Machine Learning For a Few Dollars Eta Compute’s ECM3532 Chip Brings Inference to the Edge

    This week, Eta Compute rolls out its second ML-oriented MCU, the ECM3532. The new chip is an upgrade from the debut ECM3531 device, with more performance and even lower power consumption.

  • SemiWiki

    TinyML Makes Big Impact in Edge AI Applications

    Edge devices such as phones can get by with one tenth of a watt, but to go into what Eta Compute calls the extreme edge, power consumption has to be in the realm of 1 to 10mW.

  • Circuit Cellar November Newsletter - by Jeff Child

    Edge Intelligence Enhances Energy Harvesting

    While many IoT devices often need to be extremely low power, having an ability to harvest their own power is an even better scenario. Chip solutions continue to emerge aimed at the energy harvesting challenge.