Press Coverage

  • Semiconductor Digest - March Edition

    Deep Learning at the Extreme Edge: A Manifesto

    With continuous voltage and frequency scaling, the logic is self-timed, adjusting core voltage and clock frequency automatically, ensuring no timing violation.

  • Circuit Cellar

    Ultra-Energy Efficient Edge AI Processor Ships

    Eta Compute has announced the first shipment of production silicon for its ECM3532. The company claims it as the world’s first AI multicore processor for embedded sensor applications.

  • Topio Networks

    ETA compute makes Edge AI assumptions a reality

    An example of successful start-up is ETA Compute, which released its chips last week at the TinyML conference. ECM 3532, is a system on a chip, built around an Arm Cortex-M3 processor core and an NXP CoolFlux DSP core.

  • WikiChip

    ECM3532 – Eta Compute

    ECM3532 is an extreme-low-power microcontroller designed by Eta Compute and introduced in 2020

  • IEEE Spectrum

    Low-Power AI Startup Eta Compute Delivers First Commercial Chips

    The chip, called the ECM 3532, consumes as little as 100 microwatts and is designed to perform AI-enabled tasks such as object identification, recognize wake words or sounds, and analyze data from a variety of sensors.