• Forbes

    Eta Compute named Forbes top IoT Startups 2020

    Eta Compute has been able to adapt quickly to the COVID-19 hard reset by offering a variety of licensing models designed to meet the unique needs of each industry they serve.

  • The Ganssle Group

    This Week’s Cool Product: ECM3532

    Like some other vendors, [Eta Compute's] interest is putting a little machine learning capability at the "edge" - in a microcontroller right at the sensors. What makes them a bit different is their focus on doing this at extremely low power levels.

  • SemiWiki

    Ultra-Low Power Inference at the Extreme Edge

    The most recent Eta Compute solution is realized in their ECM3532 neural sensor processor. This is a system on chip with an Arm Cortex-M3 processor and an NXP CoolFlux DSP, 512KB of Flash, 352KB of SRAM, and supporting peripherals. All of this is built with Eta Compute’s proprietary CVFS (continuous voltage frequency scaling) technology, operating near threshold voltage.

  • EE Times Europe

    Top 10 Processors for AI Acceleration at the Endpoint

    While the acceleration of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications is still a relatively new field, there is a variety of processors springing up to accelerate almost any neural network workload.

  • Semiconductor Digest - March Edition

    Deep Learning at the Extreme Edge: A Manifesto

    With continuous voltage and frequency scaling, the logic is self-timed, adjusting core voltage and clock frequency automatically, ensuring no timing violation.