Announcing Eta Compute’s Collaboration with Qualcomm for Edge ML

April 29, 2024

Eta Compute’s Aptos software now supports Qualcomm Technologies’ IoT products, offering a streamlined path to build high-performance machine learning (ML) models running on Qualcomm Technologies silicon. This collaboration between the companies aims to accelerate machine learning product development at the Connected Edge.
Eta Compute’s focus is on closing the gap between ML and embedded systems with our no-code edge ML toolchain, Aptos. Aptos shrinks edge ML development time from months to days, while generating faster, higher-accuracy models. Qualcomm Technologies’ IoT solutions enable the real-world Connected Intelligent Edge, accelerating digital transformation across many industries.

“Eta Compute’s Aptos learns the capabilities of devices powered by our technology and applies this knowledge to the automated creation of high-performance ML models,” said Manvinder Singh, Vice President, Strategy and Partner Solutions Development, IoT at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We look forward to working together to assist our customers who are creating the exciting AI-powered products of the future on the Connected Edge.”

“Qualcomm Technologies is a leader in providing powerful heterogeneous computing platforms for the Connected Edge,” said Evan Petridis, CEO of Eta Compute. “Aptos enables users to take full advantage of Qualcomm Technologies’ silicon by automatically and quickly generating optimal edge ML models to run on any of the compute cores on devices powered by Qualcomm Technologies – or quickly try them all and evaluate which is best suited for their application.”

Eta Compute’s Aptos platform now supports the Qualcomm® AI Stack, a unified AI portfolio that works across multiple chipsets across a broad range of capabilities. Uniquely, Eta Compute’s Aptos allows developers to target the ML model to any or all of the processing engines in a Qualcomm Technologies powered device, including CPU, GPU, DSP and AIP cores. This dramatically simplifies the system design task, while improving real-world performance.

Eta Compute, in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, has defined a roadmap for expanded support of Qualcomm Technologies’ silicon during 2024. In one example of the collaboration, Eta Compute onboarded the Qualcomm® QRB5165 Processor onto Aptos and made the integration available to mutual customers. The QRB5165 Processor brings the latest in IoT technologies into a highly integrated chipset to power the next generation of high compute, AI-enabled, low power robots and drones for consumer, enterprise, defense, industrial and professional services sectors that can be connected by 5G.

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