asset tracking

Logistics is Becoming Visual

For several decades, attaching a tracking device has been the solution to asset monitoring.
It’s time to modernize asset tracking and logistics by relying on vision as the primary means of monitoring, tracking, and controlling assets and inventories.

The Case for Transportation Analytics

With visual asset tracking and monitoring, businesses can manage their inventories, reduce supply chain costs and improve customer service satisfaction.


  • Eliminate loss
  • Eliminate human monitoring


  • Gain insight into pattern of use
  • Prevent damage and avoid mistakes


  • Ensure smooth operation by locating critical assets
  • Identify logistical bottlenecks

It is Time of a No-Tag Asset Tracking

IoT tags and trackers are often used for asset tracking and even when they are cheap, they must be tied to each and every asset, making the entire solution expensive. Furthermore, several industries have strict specifications that make attaching any form of IoT device problematic.

Eta Compute intelligent vision sensors can be used to monitor a warehouse or any other location where assets are present, detecting, counting, and identifying them visually, with no need for tags anymore.

The Problem With Security Cameras

Visual tracking could in theory be done with security cameras. Aside from the fact that there is limited dependable software to do so, they are also not available everywhere, and expanding coverage of a facility for visual tracking reasons is costly. Furthermore, they may not be permitted in some locations due to privacy issues.

Eta Compute intelligent vision sensors are low-cost and easy-to-install, enabling for a site-wide deployment. Furthermore, Eta compute cameras do not retain or share any images and can be used in a variety of situations where privacy is a concern.

Some Concrete Use Cases

Visual Logistics

Visual logistics allows monitoring goods and assets as they transit and are stored. The intelligent camera identifies goods by shape, color, and specific identification marks like numbers, written names, or bar codes.

Critical Asset Localization

Critical assets in industries like healthcare need to be localized in order to perform some tasks. A network of intelligent cameras can identify assets in their field of view and report the location of each.