Retail automation

The Modern Retail Store is Automated

2021 was not only the year of the pandemic: it was a year of automation acceleration. Automation can take many forms and reliable analytics and 24/7 monitoring is the first step to ensure top service while streamlining operations.

The Case for Retail Analytics

Retail store owners will benefit from automation like traffic and inventory analytics, whatever the size of their store.


  • Adjust store operation to real time traffic
  • Eliminate human monitoring


  • Increase sales with not
    out-of-stock item
  • Insure always clean and orderly shelf
  • Schedule marketing effort during high-traffic hours


  • Compliance with occupancy limits
  • Planogram compliance

Once the data is coming, there are many ways to use it, and combine it with other sources to realise advanced benefits.

Small Stores Need Scalable Solutions

Existing solutions for traffic and inventory management are complex infrastructures that require a very significant investment. For that reason, they are never seen in small stores, like convenience stores, and rarely in medium-size stores.

Eta Compute low-cost, battery-operated sensors is a scalable solution that can be deployed from small to big stores with limited investment.

No Engineers Needed

Retail store managers are retail experts, not IT experts. For this reason, solutions that require extensive technical setup require also a dedicated support team, internal or through consulting. This is another hurdle for our small and medium size stores.

Eta Compute intelligent cameras are easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and reliable sensors that require minimal engineering knowledge.

Some Concrete Use Cases

Store Traffic Monitoring

Traffic monitoring and customer heat maps allow retail managers to optimize their operation and target their promotions. Store occupancy monitoring is even more important with pandemics regulations.

Shelf Inventory Monitoring

While every store manages its inventory automatically at the store level, inventory management at the shelf level is still a manual task, and rarely perfect. By monitoring shelves with intelligent cameras 24/7, store managers can insure almost perfect on-shelf-availability.