occupancy monitoring

The Modern Office is Occupant Aware

Buildings have one purpose and only one: accommodate people. Yet, it is challenging for building managers and building owners to get a clear picture of how their building is used.

Building the Case for Occupant Analytics

In many cases, building management will benefit greatly from analytics and people awareness:


  • Reduce office footprint based on actual use, avoid CAPEX
  • Reduced energy costs based on actual presence


  • Repurpose space based on occupant use
  • Inform occupant of office use and change behaviors

Safety & Security

  • Compliance, intrusion detection, no-go zones

Once the data is coming, there are many ways to use it, and combine it with other sources to realize advanced benefits.

Overcome the Complexity Obstacle

The first obstacle to adding people awareness in your analytics menu is the apparent complexity of the task. Many existing solutions require costly and complex software that needs to be fine tuned and runs with expensive video cameras or sensors. Often these cameras or sensors require extra power, and the power distribution itself is a headache.

With Eta Compute battery operated intelligent cameras, the complexity is overcome with easy to use, easy to install, reliable sensors

To Increase ROI, Decrease I

Every investment must have a positive ROI, and the installation costs of existing analytics solutions make it difficult to prove. Many solutions are not scalable and require a significant initial investment.

Eta Compute low-cost, easy to install sensors that can be deployed in portions of buildings makes the investment much lower and the path to ROI easier to find.

Some Concrete Use Cases

Occupancy Monitoring for Hybrid Workplace

With more and more offices opting for a mix of remote and office work, office managers need real time and accurate data about the building’s occupancy.

Crowd Detection and Flow Measurement for Lobbies

The automated lobby is a trend for off-hours and improves customer experience and costs but it requires to constantly and accurately count the people in the lobby. By confirming that anyone checks-in before going through the gates, the intelligent camera also improves security.