Our low power SoC brings machine intelligence to energy constrained systems interconnected  using LoRaWan, Z-Wave, EnOcean, Wi-SUN and Bluetooth standards.

EtaCore™ Applications for Edge and Mobile Devices

Eta Compute Applications

Always-on Speech

EtaCore™ has unparalleled power efficiency that enables speech activity and recognition which enables OEMs to deliver more features at significantly longer battery life.

Video and Images

Techniques for video and images for classification, clustering and sequence analysis enabling the ASIC to perform complex tasks such as the image recognition, or transcription of handwritten text.

Digital Health

Sensors and machine learning models that identifies patients that are high risk. Intelligent predictive models enable health care providers to predict medical emergencies before they happen—improving care outcomes and reducing costs.

Sensor Fusion

For motion and environmental sensors based on accelerometers, chemical sensors and gyros, EtaCore ™ enables sensors hubs to perform more extensive sensor algorithms providing real time data and updates from mobile and IoT networked devices.

Features Significant Benefit
Algorithms for speech, video, sensor fusion and other applications
  • Patented dynamic voltage scaling logic automatically drives to the lowest energy consumption for a given workload
  • Power efficient inferencing uses much less resources (compute, memory)
World’s only commercial MCU and DSP hardware powered by DIAL
  • Drop power consumption by V2 as the workload is reduced
  • Only viable solution that can operate < 5uA drawn from small coin cells or solar, or other energy harvesting
Asynchronous processing of all digital logic
  • Resistance to DPA side channel attacks for increased security of embedded application
  • Enables rapid interrupt response for low latency applications
  • Robust operation versus process and temperature which improves manufacturing yield and design margin