AI Sensor Board Webinar

AI Sensor Board Webinar

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Webinar Description

Teaching your sensors new tricks with Machine Learning

Ultra-low power or detecting complex events, pick… Both?! When we think about machine learning we think of data centers full of servers, crunching numbers. But machine learning is just as useful on small devices: it lets you draw conclusions directly on the sensor thus lowering power consumption, and detect much more complex patterns without explicit programming. In this hands-on workshop we’ll use Eta Compute’s ultra-low power ECM3532 AI Sensor board together with Edge Impulse’s embedded machine learning platform to build battery-powered applications that can detect vibrations, audio signals, or perform anomaly detection on realtime sensor data.

Webinar on July 14, 2020 at 8:00 AM PST, with Edge Impulse and Eta Compute. Presentation by Jan Jongboom, CTO of Edge Impulse

If you would like a board to use during the webinar, they will be available on Digikey at the below link:

*** In regards to the free board drawing, the 50 winners have already been selected.