Our low power SoC and microcontroller IP brings machine intelligence to energy constrained systems interconnected  using LoRaWan, Z-Wave, EnOcean, Wi-SUN and Bluetooth standards.

EtaCore™ Applications for Edge and Mobile Devices

Always-On IP

EtaCore™ IP has unparalleled power efficiency that enables mobile device manufacturers to deliver more features and significantly longer battery life to customers.

Coin Cell Batteries

EtaCore™ performs 5X the work for small coin cell batteries. Each IP block such as ADC, DSP or RTC has been designed and optimized to consume microwatts or nanowatts without sacrificing performance.

dynamic voltage scaling

Energy Harvesting

Operating on as little as 2uA of current in Active Mode, EtaCore™ can operate on the smallest energy harvesting supplies which eliminates replacing batteries altogether and accelerates the growth of the IoT.

Sensor Hubs

Optimized low power design of EtaCore™ IP can reduce power consumption by 10X enabling sensor hubs to perform sensor fusion with local computing and provide real-time data from mobile and IoT enabled devices.

Features Significant Benefit
Worlds only commercial core with robust Operation Down To 0.25V
  • Drop power consumption by V2 as the workload is reduced
  • Only viable solution that can operate < 5uA drawn from small coin cells or solar, or other energy harvesting
No Wasted Energy With Start/Stop Sleep Modes
  • Traditional MCUs waste substantial energy at low duty cycles
  • Enables rapid interrupt response
  • No need to trade off power consumption versus latency
Optimized For Coin Cells
  • Extract 100% more energy from small coin batteries
Programs In Flash
  • Continuous low frequency operation suited for flash with no wait cycles
Lower Cost Sensors
  • Clean boards, fewer components, less power leakage